2023 International Student Awards Winners

Meet the winners of the 2023 StudyAdelaide International Student Awards.

Award winners of the 2023 StudyAdelaide international student awards
Last Updated Monday 15th April, 2024

The awards are an opportunity for the international community, academic institutions, local community and businesses to honour the achievements of international students during their time in Adelaide. The award program, now in its thirteenth year, is highly regarded and a valuable addition to the winning students’ resumes.

Award Winners
International Student of the Year Winner:
Taseef Farook, The University of Adelaide, Bangladesh
Postgraduate (Research) Winner:
Taseek Farook, The University of Adelaide, Bangaldesh
Highly Commended:
Bikash Devkota, UniSA, Nepal
Arsham Bassiri Abyaneh, UniSA, Iran
Postgraduate (Coursework) Winner:
Muawiyath Mohamed Didi (Muthu), Flinders University, Maldives
Highly Commended:
Md Alimuzzaman Milon, Flinders University, Bangladesh
Undergraduate Winners:
Hania Abdul Baseer, The University of Adelaide, Pakistan
Sirikkattuge Rashmi Sherina Leesa Fernando, Flinders University, Sri Lanka
Pathways Winner:
Eunchan Seo, SAIBT, South Korea
Highly Commended:
Alex Vu, The University of Adelaide College, Vietnam
Vocational Education and Training Winner:
Daniel Ramirez Perez, TAFE SA, Mexico
Highly Commended:
Albert Kitono, TAFE SA, Indonesia
Schools Winner:
Tianxing Ma (Tianna), Immanuel College, China
Highly Commended:
Hong Hanh (Jenny) Mai, Unley High School, Vietnam
Community Engagement Winner:
Pornthip (Fang) Srisantisuk, The University of Adelaide, Thailand
Highly Commended:
Keith Censoro, Flinders University, The Philippines
Peer Support Winner:
Muawiyath Mohamed Didi (Muthu), Flinders University, Maldives
Highly Commended:
Tuan Mohammed Rushdi Cassim, Flinders University, Sri Lanka
On Yin Chan, The University of Adelaide, Hong Kong SAR
Alumni Outstanding Alumni:
Saadia Adnan, Flinders University, Pakistan
Rising Star:
Gavin Quek, The University of Adelaide, Malaysia
Student Association of the Year Winner:
Adelaide University Vietnamese Students Association (AVA)
Employer of the Year Winner:
Mondelēz International, Suttontown

International Student of the Year 2023

Inspired by the idea of scientific advancement helping others, Taseef seamlessly blends research expertise with compassion and community. As a PhD candidate, he’s working hard on his groundbreaking research. While Taseef has won well-deserved accolades, his ability to take obstacles and rejection in his stride is a testament to his drive to achieve tangible outcomes. With a dedication to his community that goes beyond his research, Taseef is making a remarkable contribution in many ways.

Winner: Taseef Farook from Bangladesh

Studying: Doctor of Philosophy in Dentistry at The University of Adelaide

As a respected PhD researcher, Taseef is making waves in the world of predictive modelling and artificial intelligence in dentistry. And he has won significant funding to support his work. However, his contributions go beyond the research realm with wide-ranging involvement in his university community.

Read the full story of Taseef.

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Academic Excellence

Postgraduate (Research)

From groundbreaking research on using artificial intelligence in dentistry to investigating the impacts of soil and water interactions on structures to making public spaces universally welcoming and walkable, the winners in the postgraduate research category are making breakthroughs and delivering insights with compassion, curiosity and heartfelt desire to make everyday life better for people around the globe.

Winner: Taseef Farook from Bangladesh

Studying: Doctor of Philosophy in Dentistry at The University of Adelaide

After working with Adelaide researchers in Malaysia, Taseef wanted to pursue his PhD in South Australia to continue working with the best. His research into predictive modelling and artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry aims to streamline diagnostic processes, reduce patient waiting times and enhance dentist capabilities.

With a need to secure significant funding and equipment for his project, Taseef had to knock on many doors. While some viewed his work as too ambitious, support from organisations such as Single Use Dental Australia showed the considerable potential of his research.

‘Being a PhD and pursuing your ambitions are two different things,’ Taseef says, highlighting some of the countless rejections, sleepless nights and steep learning curves he’s experienced. However, his determination brought results with 7 out of 12 research papers published in reputable journals. His work also won the Enabled Solutions Award in the Australian eChallenge and has been further recognised through collaborations with global universities and invitations to present at conferences.

Taseef’s commitment to his project is clear, ‘People are sceptical about AI, so we need solid evidence to back up our claims.’ As he looks forward, Taseef plans to continue his research in South Australia and leverage his findings to improve dental services worldwide.

Taseek also won the International Student of the Year Award.

Learn more about Taseef’s considerable contributions beyond the realm of research.

Highly Commended: Bikash Devkota from Nepal

Studying: Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering at the University of South Australia

From a childhood marked by adversity, Bikash has forged an inspiring academic path, working hard to achieve exceptional results and pursuing his dream of a PhD. Only 1.5 years into his research, Bikash has presented a conference paper and published two journal articles. His research, inspired by a near-drowning as a child, investigates the effect of climate change on geotechnical structures set on reactive soils. Bikash hopes his studies can help contribute to the safety and prosperity of developing countries.

With a name meaning ‘development’, Bikas is committed to uplifting communities. After the 2015 Nepalese earthquake, he helped with emergency housing construction, and here in Adelaide, Bikash volunteers in many social, cultural and academic advocacy activities.

Bikash brings over a decade of field experience and real-world perspectives to his Research. By striving for excellence in his work and forging global connections, there is no doubt he will make a significant contribution to the world.

Highly Commended: Arsham Bassiri Abyaneh from Iran

Studying: Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of South Australia

Despite the struggles of commencing his PhD at the start of a global pandemic, Adelaide’s green spaces inspired Arsham to design a walkability index based on pedestrian experiences. His work gives councils insight and data to guide planning for walkability and liveability, with considerations for diverse socio-demographic needs.

As a person with a stutter, Arsham found presentations and networking events daunting. But he says his university’s ethos of inclusivity meant he could conduct his work in an understanding and supportive environment. As a result, Arsham’s research is helping to ensure urban spaces are also universally accessible.

Arsham is an Associate Member of the Planning Institute of Australia and part of Engineers Australia’s Transport Australia Society where he champions inclusivity, especially for those with speech challenges. It’s clear his work will go a long way to making the world more welcoming.

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Postgraduate (Coursework)

From disability advocacy and policy improvement in the Maldives to an ambition to create a more equitable healthcare system in Bangladesh, the winners in the 2023 postgraduate coursework category approached their studies with an unwavering determination to achieving their goals.

Winner: Muawiyath Mohamed Didi (Muthu) from the Maldives

Studying: Master of Disability Policy and Practice at Flinders University

Living with cerebral palsy and ADHD has inspired Muthu to push boundaries and redefine possibilities. His experience as a wheelchair user highlighted the need for robust disability advocacy and shaped his plans for his field of study. With an ambition to improve opportunities for people with disabilities in the Maldives, Muthu hopes his studies will be a catalyst for change back home.

When he first arrived as an Australia Awards Scholarship recipient, Muthu struggled to adapt to the unfamiliar education system. But determined to succeed, he sought the support he needed and worked hard to improve his academic performance.

Muthu’s studies focus on Australia's disability support systems, particularly the National Disability Insurance Scheme. He hopes to be part of designing a tailored approach for the Maldives that can empower people with disabilities to foresee a future full of possibilities. Muthu's journey embodies hope and determination, and his trailblazing approach serves to inspire a new generation of disability advocates.

Muthu is also the winner of the 2023 Peer Support Award.

Highly Commended: Md Alimuzzaman Milon from Bangladesh

Studying: Master of Public Policy at Flinders University

Milon's journey in Adelaide has included navigating new academic cultures, debating complex public policy issues and collaborating with international peers. His dedication led him to achieve top marks in all four of his first semester courses, earning an impressive GPA of 6.75 halfway through his degree.

Inspired by his father's role as a freedom fighter in Bangladesh, Milon is driven to serve his country. When his experience providing emergency assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted disparities in healthcare access, it motivated him to pursue postgraduate education in policy analysis. With a thesis focusing on Bangladesh's healthcare reforms, Milon hopes to create a more inclusive system that ensures equitable access to quality healthcare for all.

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The winners in this year’s undergraduate category are two strong women in STEM who, despite commencing their studies at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, have made the most of their opportunities to achieve academic excellence and gain real-world experience as they shape their careers. The future looks bright for these undergraduates and the world that awaits them. 

Winner: Hania Abdul Baseer from Pakistan

Studying: Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) at The University of Adelaide

After achieving Overall Dux in Foundation Studies at The University of Adelaide College, Hania’s entrepreneurial goals inspired her to continue to excel while studying for her computer science degree.

But realising academic success alone wouldn’t achieve her dreams, Hania sought to maximise her opportunities. She joined societies, including the Women in Stem Society, taking on the role of IT Officer. Hania was also selected to complete a Summer Research Scholarship, and as a volunteer Digital Hub Tutor, Hania helps people build digital literacy skills.

With outstanding grades and an extensive volunteering resume, Hania secured a prestigious 3-month paid internship with a globally renowned Australian tech company. Her excellent work during the internship earned her the offer of a graduate position upon completing her degree.

Hania’s incredible success has come about because of her hard work and proactive approach to achieving the results and experience she needs to one day realise her entrepreneurial dreams.

Winner: Sirikkattuge Rashmi Sherina Leesa Fernando from Sri Lanka

Studying: Bachelor of Clinical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University

When Leesa began her undergraduate journey in a foreign country, away from her family for the first time, the cultural transition was hard. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Despite the challenges of homesickness and sadly losing her grandfather back home, Leesa’s determination led her to receive two Chancellor’s Letters of Commendation and two Summer Research Scholarships within her first two years.

Beyond academics, Leesa also contributed to her community as a volunteer in various student societies, participated in the annual Flinders University medical musical and at the Oasis student wellbeing centre.

As a volunteer at a teddy bear hospital, Leesa educated children about the importance of health care, a cause close to her heart, with her studies inspired by the medical team that had cared for her great-grandmother when Leesa was a teenager.

Leesa’s compassion and dedication enabled her to overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities to network, gain experience and build a foundation for future success.

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Pathways Award

With a dedication to academic excellence, our 2023 pathways winners have built a strong foundation for their undergraduate studies. Both award winners plan to improve human experience through careers in information technology. With their integrity and commitment to succeed, we have no doubt they will achieve their lofty goals. 

Winner: Eunchan Seo from South Korea

Studying: Diploma of Information Technology at the South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT)

Eunchan’s exceptional academic record of a 7.0 GPA and consistent high distinctions is even more remarkable given he’s pursuing studies in two entirely new languages: English and computer programming.

With a determination to excel, Eunchan created his lecture notes in Korean and diligently translated them into English as part of his revision and group work. This strategic and structured practice enhanced his language skills and deepened his understanding of his information technology subjects.

Outside his studies, Eunchan actively contributes to his Korean church community, sharing culture through food sales and participating in a blood drive at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Donor Centre.

Eunchan says his pathway studies provide a strong foundation and open doors to work placements and internships typically reserved for undergraduate students. In the future, Eunchan hopes to make a global impact in the IT industry, particularly in addressing the ethical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Highly Commended: Alex Vu from Vietnam

Studying: Foundation Studies Program at The University of Adelaide College

Alex’s impressive marks of 97% earned him a place on the college’s Honour Roll and showcased his unwavering commitment to academic excellence. With such an outstanding achievement, Alex is well-prepared for his undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide.  

Throughout his Foundation Studies Program, Alex honed critical thinking skills that will serve him well at university. He was also awarded The University of Adelaide College High Achiever Progression Scholarship for his incredible efforts. 

Alex will soon pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science, hoping to combine his love for maths with his passion for healthcare by focusing on data science. His dream is to use data analysis to improve patient care and the overall efficiency of healthcare operations.

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Vocational Education and Training Awards

From an architect who wants the world to be better at integrating landscapes and building design to a struggling student determined to succeed in high-tech horticulture, the winners in the vocational education and training (VET) category are chasing big dreams and getting real-life experience while studying in Adelaide.

Winner: Daniel Ramirez Perez from Mexico

Studying: Diploma of Landscape Design at TAFE SA

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in architecture and engineering in Mexico, Daniel gained a wealth of international experience before pursuing his master’s degree in Canberra. But with the onset of the pandemic, Daniel returned to the serenity of the High Sierra in his home in Central Mexico, where he discovered a newfound appreciation for nature’s impact on wellbeing.

This prompted Daniel’s return to Australia to learn about incorporating green space as an essential part of architectural design. Daniel aims to enhance the connection between homes and their natural surroundings with his landscape design studies emphasising elements like house orientation and passive design. During his studies, Daniel has gained practical experience through involvement in landscape design projects, including a coastal garden on the Yorke Peninsula and an expansive property in Goolwa.

Outside the classroom, Daniel actively contributes to the Latin American community at TAFESA, offering guidance on life in South Australia and sharing his Mexican heritage through food and language lessons.

Highly Commended: Albert Kitono from Indonesia

Studying: Certificate III in Horticulture at TAFE SA

Albert has faced challenges throughout his academic life with ADHD, making it hard for him to concentrate. While he struggled with many subjects in school, his determination led him to seek permission to use a focused learning environment, which resulted in a remarkable improvement in his grades.

After studying Chinese language courses and marketing, Albert found his calling through his love of nature, choosing to pursue an education in horticulture. His studies encompass soil science and plant physiology, and he hopes to one day contribute to Indonesia’s high-tech horticultural industry. With Indonesia's fertile volcanic soils, Albert sees the potential for high-quality horticultural products, including medical items.

Albert supports his learning through real-world experience as a volunteer at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, where he helps care for the Garden of Health.

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Schools Award

While facing the hardships of cultural and language barriers and extended periods of homesickness during the COVID-19 pandemic, the winners in the 2023 schools category have worked hard to achieve exceptional academic results and contribute to their communities.

From helping to foster connections and friendships between students to championing environmental causes, they’ve forged bright paths for themselves and for those who follow.

Winner: Tianxing Ma (Tianna) from China

Studying: South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) at Immanuel College

After starting Year 8 at Immanuel College, Tianna’s determination quickly earned her an Academic Effort Award, and her keen interest in STEM saw her achieve academic excellence and fantastic results in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Tianna also achieved top marks in Year 10 Japanese and won the Middle School Instrumental Award for Rhythm Section.

As she navigated life as an international student, Tianna experienced social challenges due to language and cultural barriers. In response, she created a Year 9 project to help her peers better understand the difficulties international students can face in everyday social situations. This brave step became a catalyst for Tianna to form new and heartfelt friendships with her classmates.

As her spoken English improved, so did Tianna’s connections and confidence. She became a member of the Student Representative Council, assisted with English tutoring and played a pivotal role in an inter-school international student social evening, which gained glowing feedback.

Tianna’s resilience and leadership illuminated a path for her and other international students to follow.

Highly Commended: Hong Hanh (Jenny) Mai from Vietnam

Studying: South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) at Unley High School

Since arriving in Adelaide in 2020, Jenny has achieved straight-A grades and taken a hands-on learning approach. Her dedication also led to success in the Australian Mathematics and Debating SA competitions.

As a senior prefect and leader of her school’s environment group, Jenny championed the introduction of compost and recycling bins.

After working on this for 2 years, the Department of Education plans to implement these bins in all South Australian government schools, which Jenny says is a dream come true.

Despite her successes, Jenny’s journey has had its difficulties when, due to the pandemic, she couldn’t visit her home for 3 years.

But this adversity only inspired her to make the most of the study abroad opportunity her family had given her. As a volunteer at a local nursing home, Jenny enriches the lives of residents, and as an ambassador for international students at government schools, she amplifies their voices.

With a dream to become a nurse and a social media influencer, Jenny is well-placed for a career where she can continue to connect, inspire and enrich the lives of the people she meets.

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Community Engagement Award

The 2023 community engagement winners contributed to their university and broader communities by selflessly giving their time, skills and support. From helping fellow students to establishing online platforms to promoting cross-cultural connections, our winners have enriched the world around them in many ways.

Winner: Pornthip (Fang) Srisantisuk from Thailand

Studying: Master of Computing and Innovation at The University of Adelaide

Since arriving in Adelaide in 2022, Pornthip’s dedication to volunteering has helped her university, peers and the broader international student community. She’s a dedicated and proactive member of event and program teams and is known for her motivation and willingness to go the extra mile to help current, new and prospective students.

Pornthip has also created an online platform to promote cross-cultural communication. Boasting more than 500,000 followers, English Down-Under offers students across the world free English and Thai language resources. This project is an impressive reflection of her commitment to education and her strong sense of giving.

Pornthip's volunteer work has sharpened her communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills and provided experience in digital marketing, customer service and event management. She is a shining example of the positive influence international students can have on their communities.

Highly Commended: Keith Censoro from The Philippines

Studying: Master of Public Policy at Flinders University

Volunteering is an integral part of Keith’s life, which is why he volunteers across such a broad range of community, university, cultural and creative pursuits. From helping fellow students navigate academic pressures to volunteering at a Red Cross store, Keith positively impacts his community in many ways.

Keith’s dedication to cultural connections is seen through his role as a volunteer writer for the Philippine Times, an Australian-Filipino news outlet. Additionally, Keith co-founded and led three student organisations, including the Filipino League of Students and volunteers at Filipino community events.

Keith’s selflessness, creativity and leadership foster a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to receive his support and service.

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Peer Support Award

Support fosters success, and the winners of this year’s peer support category have played a vital role in helping their peers succeed. From breaking down accessibility barriers in both leisure and learning to creating a safe and supportive space for female creatives, our winners used their initiative and drive to enrich the experience and enable the success of many international students in Adelaide. 

Winner: Muawiyath Mohamed Didi (Muthu) from the Maldives

Studying: Master of Disability Policy and Practice at Flinders University

Muthu’s dedication to helping others is evident in his support for peers through various events and activities. A few outcomes of Muthu’s peer support work include enhancing the academic experience for students with disabilities, fostering cross-cultural understandings and helping newcomers feel at home in Adelaide.

One of Muthu’s proudest achievements is making adventure activities safe and accessible for people who previously thought they were out of their reach. In one example, Muthu guided a visually impaired student in a go-karting event, challenging constraints and inspiring mindset changes.

Muthu knows the importance of innovation and adaptability in facing the challenges of his own disability. And while he’s always been fiercely independent, he also knows building a support system is critical to success. Muthu’s been a core part of this support system for many of his peers, and his commitment and impact are truly remarkable.

Muthu is also the winner of the 2023 Postgraduate Coursework Award.

Highly Commended: Tuan Mohammed Rushdi Cassim from Sri Lanka

Studying: Master of Disability Policy and Practice at Flinders University

When Tuan noticed international students with disabilities were struggling with the university’s learning management system, FLO, he wanted to help. Recognising the need for assistive technology training, Tuan offered his guidance, and the university established a new position in recognition of this need. With his background in HR, IT, learning and development and disability studies, Tuan was honoured to take on the role of helping his peers succeed in their new learning environment.

With disability awareness sessions and training on how to use assistive technology in their learning, Tuan’s initiative greatly benefitted his peers, promoting inclusion and enhancing learning accessibility. While it’s hard to quantify the ripple effect of this initiative, Tuan’s contributions have elevated Flinders University’s reputation as a leader in international support services and set a new benchmark for disability support at universities.

Outside of his work to support learning accessibility for his peers, Tuan also volunteers as a chess coach at the South Australian School for the Vision Impaired and is a proud team member of Blind Cricket South Australia. These activities further demonstrate Tuan’s commitment to building leadership and mentoring skills and continuing to support his peers by promoting inclusion and accessibility advocacy.

Highly Commended: On Yin Chan from Hong Kong

Studying: Master of Immersive Media Technologies at The University of Adelaide

Onnie founded the Women in Creative Technologies Club to empower young female students pursuing careers in creative technologies. The club provides a platform for women to showcase their skills, build confidence and learn new skills through weekly workshops.

With a diverse membership, including international students from Adelaide’s major universities, the club is a supportive community, and members find it to be a vital place for sharing knowledge and combatting isolation. Many collaborated to create a technology-based theatre show, ‘Dreamland: Isthmus,’ which Onnie presented at the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Onnie’s mission is to empower women using innovative technology, and her club is making this vision a reality by providing a supportive, skill-building environment for aspiring female creatives.

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Our 2023 Outstanding Alumni has forged an extraordinary career in the senior levels of Pakistan’s public education and is now back in Adelaide pursuing further postgraduate education. And our 2023 Rising Star Alumni is building an impactful career in the Australian dental sector. These exceptional alumni have turned their Adelaide education into careers dedicated to improving their communities' education and health outcomes.

Outstanding: Saadia Adnan from Pakistan

Graduate of: Flinders University | Studied: Master of Education (Leadership and Management)

From 2000, Saadia’s career in education saw her go from teacher to school principal to an Australia Awards Scholarship recipient and master’s graduate in 2015. On her return to Pakistan, Saadia climbed the ranks of the government’s education sector, where she championed reforms in academic management and spearheaded research and development to improve public education in Pakistan.

One of her proudest achievements was the launch of TeleSchool, Pakistan’s first national educational TV channel designed to educate more than 40 million students. The Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated this monumental effort, and its success helped earn Saadia the Flinders University Early Career Alumni Award.

Saadia’s many other achievements include developing the inaugural Career Guide Expo in Islamabad and implementing alternative learning solutions for Pakistani students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saadia has earned widespread respect and recognition, and she says her education in Adelaide was pivotal in shaping her career trajectory. She’s currently working towards her PhD at The University of Adelaide with future research goals in educational leadership and gender dynamics, and the integration of technology in education.

Rising Star: Gavin Quek from Malaysia

Graduate of: The University of Adelaide | Studied: Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Since graduating in 2021, Gavin has rapidly carved out a remarkable path in dentistry practice and leadership. Starting in private practice in Tasmania, he seamlessly transitioned from study to clinical practice, refining his skills and building strong patient relationships. Not long after, he also took on a role as a dental officer in public health.

With a desire to further contribute to the dental industry, Gavin took on pivotal roles within the Australian Dental Association (ADA), where he provides insights, expertise and knowledge to advance dental care. He’s also committed to continuous education, attending seminars, workshops and conferences to ensure his practice remains cutting-edge.

As a further way to give back, Gavin mentors aspiring dental students and is on an accreditation panel with the Australian Dental Council. In the future, he hopes to deepen his involvement with the ADA and continue to champion oral health initiatives for future generations of dental professionals.

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Student Association of the Year

The Adelaide University Vietnamese Students Association’s (AVA) approach to providing engaging activities for students made them winners of the 2023 Student Association of the Year award. With dedicated committee members and a mission to enrich students' lives, they offered various events, programs and initiatives to embrace and celebrate Vietnamese students in Adelaide.

Winner: Adelaide University Vietnamese Students Association (AVA)

Nominated by: Hattie Nguyen from The University of Adelaide

From the annual beachside Welcome Party to the glamorous Moonlight Party, the AVA worked tirelessly to foster social connections and a welcoming community for Vietnamese students. The Welcome Party was the perfect way to introduce new students to the South Australian lifestyle at Glenelg Beach, and the formal Moonlight Party, inspired by the Mid-Autumn Festival, allowed students to dress up and celebrate their Vietnamese culture.

Throughout the year, AVA also hosted many team-based activities, fostering bonds and nurturing friendships amongst its members. The intriguing escape room challenge provided interactive entertainment and encouraged students to hone their critical thinking and teamwork skills as they worked together to solve the mystery.

Among the fun and frivolity, the AVA also worked tirelessly to include social responsibility in their program, with a group garage sale raising money for the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

With a committee dedicated to raising awareness of what the AVA offers, the group continues to deliver exciting and high-quality events and promote its membership to Vietnamese students and the wider international communities. The AVA enhances the international student experience and judges were impressed with how the organisation combines a variety of social experiences with supportive networks, social contributions and cultural activities.

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Employer of the Year

Finding an employer who values flexibility, cultural diversity and the chance to build workplace confidence and experience is vital for international students. This year, we're celebrating one employer who exemplifies many of the workplace values and practices we want to see from organisations employing Adelaide's students and graduates.

Winner: Mondelēz International, Suttontown

Nominated by: Taynah Gatto Noya from Torrens University

After visiting the Mondelēz International plant in Suttontown during the Career Limestone Coast tour, Brazilian student Taynah Gatto Noya received an exciting opportunity to join the team. Taynah quickly moved to Mount Gambier, where the Mondelēz team gave unwavering support to help her settle in. When she needed to go from full-time work to part-time to accommodate her study schedule, Mondelēz continued to support Taynah by adjusting her contract so she could fit her studies in Adelaide around her work commitments in Mount Gambier.

Taynah’s experience at Mondelēz boosted her confidence and creativity. Despite being hesitant to apply for a role requiring more experience than she had, the company saw value in her academic background and believed in her ability to do the job, so they entrusted Taynah with the role. Her time at Mondelēz has allowed Taynah to develop skills, engage in projects and take on more responsibility, even earning a ‘Best New Talent’ award nomination at the company’s national conference.

Taynah says Mondelēz is committed to cultural diversity and ongoing training. Her journey at Mondelēz exemplifies how flexible and supportive employers can cultivate a motivated and productive workforce where both employees and the organisation thrive.

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