Job Shop: 100s of jobs in Adelaide for international students

If you’re an international student living in Adelaide, it’s a great idea to find casual or part-time employment to earn some additional income to support yourself while you’re studying. 

A subclass 500 Student visa will allow you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight, so why not earn some money, meet new people, gain work experience and improve your skills, from speaking English to customer service?

Job Shop 100s of jobs available for international students in Adelaide
Last Updated Monday 22nd April, 2024

What is Job Shop?

Job Shop is a new initiative that sets up international students with a range of Adelaide employers and jobs – and you can apply before you even arrive in South Australia!

Right now, there are 100s of part-time and casual jobs available for international students in Adelaide with leading hospitality and retail businesses.

Job Shop lists jobs in Adelaide that are available with employers specifically looking for international students to fill certain roles. 

The service also facilitates the application process for applicants, even if you’re not in the state yet.

Speaking to Simon Burgess at Adelaide Venue Management (AVM), a leading employer in Adelaide's vibrant events-based tourism and hospitality industry, it is clear why employers are drawn to Job Shop and to hiring international students.

“As we host a number of international events, we thrive on the diversity of having staff from a variety of backgrounds (currently we have employees from 65 countries working as part of our team),” Simon shares. 

“International students are a valuable resource and talent pool…they bring incredible enthusiasm, a fantastic work ethic and a great sense of appreciation which positively contributes to our workplace culture.”

What types of jobs are available in Adelaide?

Choose from a wide range of businesses such as supermarkets, housekeeping service providers, restaurants, and big entertainment venues like the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. 

The jobs available are typically part-time or casual roles, which are perfect for students. 

The flexibility of shifts and working times in these kinds of roles means you can organise your job around your study schedule.

For example, AVM, which operates three of Adelaide’s most iconic venues: the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, and Coopers Stadium, offers a variety of job options.

“The size and scale of our organisation enables us to provide a wide range of roles and opportunities focused on the delivery of events, from working as a chef/cook in one of our kitchens to set crew, food and beverage service staff, audio-visual staff, cleaners, ushers, floor ambassadors and more,” says Simon.

“With events ranging from breakfast seminars through to night-time concerts and sporting matches, we’re always on the lookout for applicants who have flexibility to work a variety of different shifts. We find this variety suits the student lifestyle, enabling them to effortlessly balance work and study commitments.”

No previous experience is required for the jobs on Job Shop

Each business will provide comprehensive paid training for new staff – you can learn on the job! However, there are a few qualities that employees will be looking for.

“We work in an exciting and ever-changing industry, where no day is ever the same, and look for engaged, enthusiastic individuals, who are versatile and responsive in dealing with customer requests,” Simon explains. 

“While previous experience in the events industry isn’t essential—we offer paid on-the-job training so they can learn while still being rewarded—a ‘can do’ attitude is crucial.”

How will Job Shop benefit you?

Not only will Job Shop make the process of finding suitable employment easier and help you find paying work, it will also help you gain lifelong skills. 

Hospitality is a great area for building your people skills, from verbal and written communication to management and liaison skills. 

These kinds of skills are very transferable, so you’ll be able to use them throughout your future work and career and all over the world.

“We like to view it as a mutually beneficial relationship,” explains Simon. 

“Aside from competitive rates of pay, we offer students opportunity to meet and work with local people, practice their language skills, build confidence and further develop their customer service skills.”

What makes Job Shop different?

Job Shop is innovative because the employers involved are actively seeking to employ international students.

“Like many organisations in the hospitality industry, COVID-19 impacted our workforce. With international students now returning to our shores, we’re keen to engage and re-engage with them as we look to fill some 200 casual positions over the coming months,” shares Simon.

International students are sought out for these jobs due to their unique skills – they bring cultural variety and awareness to any workplace, and second language skills may come in handy too.

The employers on Job Shop are just waiting to recruit you and start working together, so it’s the perfect place to look for a job in Adelaide.

How to apply for jobs in Adelaide on Job Shop

Have a good look through the range of jobs available in Adelaide on Job Shop.

Once a job catches your eye, click the ‘Apply Now’ button underneath its listing – this will take you to the business website to follow their specific application process. 

Generally, you’ll need to provide a CV and a cover letter explaining why you’d be a perfect fit for the job. 

Check out our Employment Toolkit for assistance with applying.

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